National League Fixtures for 1st weekend (1st and 2nd Oct) in the NAC

01-Oct NAC 1320 MNLD2 Donegall Clontarf
01-Oct NAC 1420 MNLD2 Corrib Grads
01-Oct NAC 1520 MNLD3 Sandycove Trinity
01-Oct NAC 1620 MNLD1 Half Moon North Dublin
01-Oct NAC 1730 MNLD2 St. Vincents Drogheda
01-Oct NAC 1830 MNLD1 Guinness Sandycove
02-Oct NAC 1000 MNLD1 St.Vincents North Dublin
02-Oct NAC 1110 MNLD1 Cathal Brugha Sandycove
02-Oct NAC 1220 MNLD1 Guinness Clonard
02-Oct NAC 1330 MNLD1 Half Moon Setanta
02-Oct NAC 1440 MNLD2 St.Vincents Clonard
02-Oct NAC 1540 MNLD2 Clontarf Drogheda
02-Oct NAC 1640 WNLD1 Half Moon Glenalbyn

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