U/19 Cup Schedule – 18th to 20th Nov – UL Arena

Friday 18th November

Game      Time      Group      White              Blue

1               1600      Boys A     Half Moon v  Corrib

2              1700       Boys B     Sandycove v  St. Vincents

3              1800       Boys A     Clonard     v  Cathal Brugha

4              1900       Boys B     Grads         v  Setanta

Saturday 19th November

Game     Time       Group      White                Blue

5              900        Girls A   Glenalbyn v Tribes

6          1000       Boys A  Half Moon v Clonard

7           1100           Boys A     Corrib          v  Cathal Brugha

8           1200          Boys B     Sandycove   v Grads

9           1300           Boys B    Setanta         v St. Vincents

10         1400           Girls A    Tribes           v Donegall Diamonds

11          1500           Boys A    Cathal Brugha v Half Moon

12         1600           Boys A    Corrib           v Clonard

13         1700           Boys B    Sandycove    v Setanta

14         1800           Boys B    St. Vincents  v Grads

15         1900           Girls A    Glenalbyn     v Donegall Diamonds

16         2000          Girls B    Cathal Brugha v St. Vincents

Sunday 20th November

Girls Semi-Finals

17         900 SF1 Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B

18        1000 SF2  Winner  Group B   v  Runner Up Group A



19       1100      SF1 Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B

20      1200      SF2 Winner Group B v Runner Up Group A


21       1515       Girls Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

22      1630      Boys Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


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