U/16 Cup Schedule – 20, 21 & 22 Jan – Lisburn

Friday 20th Jan
18:00 Cathal Brugha Clonard (A)
18:45 Cathal Brugha Donegall.D (GIRLS)
19:30 Grads Sandycove (B)
20:15 St Vincents Tribes (GIRLS)
21:00 Cathal Brugha Clonard (MNLD1)
Saturday 21st Jan
09:00 Cathal Brugha Corrib (A)
09:45 Setanta St Vincents (D)
10:30 Drogheda Clontarf (C)
11:15 Cathal Brugha Tribes (GIRLS)
12:00 Donegall.D St   Vincents (GIRLS)
12:45 Clonard Corrib (A)
13:30 Winner Group B Runner-Up   Group C (QF, NO.2,   Boys)
14:15 Winner Group C Runner-Up   Group B (QF NO.3,   Boys)
15:00 Cathal Brugha St Vincents (GIRLS)
15:45 Donegal Tribes (GIRLS)
16:30 Winner Group D Runner-Up   Group A (QF, NO.4,   Boys)
17:15 Winner Group A Runner-Up   Group D (QF, NO.1,   Boys)
Sunday 22nd Jan
10:00 Winner Q.F NO.1 Winner Q.F   NO.2 (SF N0.1,   Boys)
11:00 Winner Q.F NO.3 Winner Q.F   NO.4 (SF N0.2,   Boys)
13:00 Irish Mens Training (End of 2nd Semi until 14:30)
14:30 U16 All – Ireland Girls Final
16:00 U16 All – Ireland Boys Final

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