U/19 Cup Schedule – 18th to 20th Nov – UL Arena

Friday 18th November

Game      Time      Group      White              Blue

1               1600      Boys A     Half Moon v  Corrib

2              1700       Boys B     Sandycove v  St. Vincents

3              1800       Boys A     Clonard     v  Cathal Brugha

4              1900       Boys B     Grads         v  Setanta

Saturday 19th November

Game     Time       Group      White                Blue

5              900        Girls A   Glenalbyn v Tribes

6          1000       Boys A  Half Moon v Clonard

7           1100           Boys A     Corrib          v  Cathal Brugha

8           1200          Boys B     Sandycove   v Grads

9           1300           Boys B    Setanta         v St. Vincents

10         1400           Girls A    Tribes           v Donegall Diamonds

11          1500           Boys A    Cathal Brugha v Half Moon

12         1600           Boys A    Corrib           v Clonard

13         1700           Boys B    Sandycove    v Setanta

14         1800           Boys B    St. Vincents  v Grads

15         1900           Girls A    Glenalbyn     v Donegall Diamonds

16         2000          Girls B    Cathal Brugha v St. Vincents

Sunday 20th November

Girls Semi-Finals

17         900 SF1 Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B

18        1000 SF2  Winner  Group B   v  Runner Up Group A



19       1100      SF1 Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B

20      1200      SF2 Winner Group B v Runner Up Group A


21       1515       Girls Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

22      1630      Boys Final Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


Paul Aicken to cycle through Death Valley, Nevada for Action Cancer

Cathal Brugha’s Paul Aicken is about to embark on a serious challenge on behalf of Action Cancer as he bids to undertake a 260 mile cycle ride through Death Valley in Nevada next month
He is getting the full support from the women in his life including polo playing daughters Hannah,Ruth and Sophie and of course wife Bronagh(nee Barr).
Long time friends Chris Condon and Tony McCann will also be giving it a go and all three have already endured a variety of painful experiences(including having their legs waxed) in a bid to raise funds for a worthy cause
They have already raised over £10,000 and are hoping to double that before their departure to the USA.
Paul will be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to help at 07711825255

Celebrating Clonard’s 90th Anniversary

Clonard are celebrating their 90th Anniversary at The City Hall, Belfast on Sat 28th January 2012.  Tickets are £30 each which includes a meal and entertainment and the club would be delighted to welcome members from the wider water polo community to help them celebrate.  No dress code.  Sounds like a great night!

Coach Wanted

UCD Water Polo are looking for a coach to take their mens & womens team, who train together, one session per week.  Monday 8-9 in Marian College. For more information please email : ucdwaterpolo@gmail.com

Results from NAC, Falls & Lisburn – 8th Oct

Falls :
Brugha 17 Irish juniors 5
Donegall Diamonds 2 Irish juniors 6
Donegall Diamonds w/o Glenalbyn scr
Setanta 5 Sandycove 12
Lisburn :
Clonard 7 Half Moon 15
Brugha 13 North Dublin 7
Setanta 8 Guinness 4
Donegall 9 Drogheda 13
Clonard 11 Grads 10
Galway Bay 3 Clonard 13
Blackrock 3 Brugha 5
Trinity 15 UL 6
St Vincents 7 Clontarf 9
Galway Bay 6 Brugha 6
Blackrock 2 Clonard 14